ISBN 978-0-7611-8175-0

The essential book for advertisers, marketers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, writers, artists, designers —for anyone who works with words, pictures and stories and needs to make something happen.

In Seducing Strangers, Josh Weltman, a creative director for 25 years and Mad Men co-producer who helped make Don Draper act and sound like a genius, distills everything he knows about the art of persuasion into a playbook of rules, principles, strategies and insights, all tailored to the fast-changing information economy.

Discover the secret purpose of advertising. The four fundamental questions on every consumer’s mind. The difference between what works online versus what works offline. And how to handle the pressure of coming up with the “big idea”—but how you don’t often need one.

In dozens of short, succinct chapters, filled with real-life examples and telling anecdotes from the author’s years of being an insider, Seducing Strangers shows just how to navigate between creativity and practicality to get the job done.