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Seducing Strangers at SXSW

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom G
Austin Convention Center

An advertising creative director for more than 25 years and the Mad Men co-producer responsible for Don Draper’s credibility as an advertising genius, Weltman distills everything he knows about the art of persuasion into a playbook of rules, principles, insights, insider anecdotes, and more, all tailored to the fast-changing life in the information economy.

Weltman identifies the four elements of selling – one of which is behind everything from a national television campaign to an email blast. There’s the ad that makes people curious – want to know more? That creates a sense of urgency – limited time offer! That increases market share – why we’re unique, or just better. That protects margins – thank you for your loyalty. Weltman explains how to employ these strategies. Advertising, he argues, is a toolbox, not a tool, and used right it makes people happy. Seducing Strangers shows you how.

“People often ask me questions, or ask my opinions, on or about the world of advertising. My stock response is ‘You know I play a fictional advertising executive, right?’ That’s usually used to cover the ignorance or stupidity of whatever I am about to say next. In the future I will simply refer them to Josh Weltman.” – from the Foreword by Jon Hamm

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